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I’m Jenn!

I have always been a very positive and optimistic person. I find joy in the little things like smiling, laughing, sunshine, and hugs. As a lifelong athlete, 7-time Ironman athlete, multi-marathon runner, and Stay at Home Mom after age 40 😄, I am definitely internally motivated to do things I set my mind to accomplish.

After having my children 19 months apart, I struggled with feeling isolated and unmotivated and was uncomfortable in my own skin. I had difficult pregnancies and 2 c-sections so I didn’t workout for almost 3 years. I wasn’t taking care of myself anymore- I wasn’t working out like I use to, I wasn’t eating well, and I wasn’t sleeping enough.  

I am a people-person and have always worked around people, helping, motivating, and educating. In my career life, I had been a personal trainer, program manager, running store manager, and worked in outside sales.

As a SAHM I found myself often all alone with just my 2 littles. Other than my family, who didn’t live local, I no longer had a nearby network to support or to be supported by so I had a rough few years. Eventually, something hit me (maybe my hormones regulated or something-😂) and I had enough and joined a Moms group for socializing and turned my motivation towards being more mindful and engaged with myself and my children. I became enthralled with meditating, finding ways to stay inspired, learning about potentially harmful ingredients in our food, personal care, home care, and environment, and fitting healthy eating and exercise (even if it was only 15 minutes) into my new life as a Mom. I found ME again and the spark was lit. 

I love to learn, try new things, meet new people, and attempt new challenges. I am passionate about sharing what I do and learn with you so that you may realize YOUR own potential. I am passionate about cheering for YOU in your endeavors. I find that, as Moms, we are especially tough on ourselves and feel down for not being “enough” or feeling as though we “should” be something else. I have felt this way and it is a difficult and typically unattainable road to navigate.

It is my mission to help and inspire you and teach the beautiful benefits of being mindful, joyful, and well each and every day. There is no “one size fits all” approach to living joyful and well, so we will work together to make your journey fit your lifestyle. I am here for YOU! I’m so happy you’re here! Let’s do this! 

You, Mama, are meant to be extraordinary!

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