Get Rid Of The Suckers!!

Say what? Let’s talk about the people and stuff that just sucks the life out of you and sucks your time. We all know them. We sometimes even love them, but they are the people that suck all of your energy for one reason or another. I break them down into 4 categories listed below:

  1. The NEGATIVE nellies- everything that comes out of their mouths is negative or terrible or the world is coming to an end
  2. The people that call you for EVERYTHING instead of researching on their own, seeking the answers, or sitting on their own to figure it out. 
  3. The people that ALWAYS need favors and never return the favor to you. They are always asking you to do things, take care of their kids, grab something at the store, and never even attempt to return the favor
  4. The people that you meet unexpectedly somewhere and they just talk FOREVER, you don’t get a word in, and they never stop talking until you awkwardly end the conversation. Suckers for sure- unfortunately I have a few of these in close proximity and I intentionally avoid them when possible. Sorry not sorry- you aren’t going to steal my joy today! 

Does anyone immediately come to mind when you think about this? Who are they in your life and how will you distance them from you? Take a minute to think about it and identify those people in your life that suck your energy, your joy, and your time. 

I get it, it’s so hard to let go or distance yourself. I never want anyone to feel bad or left out, or like I don’t care, but sometimes it’s just too much. I have begun to distance myself from these situations by saying “NO”. Its not an easy thing for me as I am a recovering people pleaser, but with practice ( and sadly with the way so many people act these days) it’s getting easier. With time, I’ve been able to cut the crap out and say no initially so I don’t have to figure it out later. It’s so much easier! You CAN do it!! 

Find the Life Givers

What’s the opposite of the suckers? How can we flip the script to the positive or the optimistic side? I always look for the bright side of things, so how about we look for the BATTERIES in our life!! Those people that LIGHT YOU UP and CHARGE YOU. The people that when you see them or hear their voice, or they call, you immediately smile and feel good!! The people that you cannot wait to see or get together with at any time. We all know these people in our lives and can immediately think of who they are and why you love them so much. Friends, family, kids, energy giving groups, whomever, just seek them out and make them a part of your daily life. These are the people we need to be surrounded by and supported by. 

The life-givers. The battery chargers. 

Get rid of the suckers and seek out the battery chargers! Get yourself a daily charge of good vibes, good people, and positive energy!! Make it a point to be around those people far more than you are around the suckers. Charge yourself up daily!! 

Looking for some battery chargers and life-givers?

The LJW Collective is the place for YOU, Mama!! We closed the doors to the LJW Collective community for Moms last week and we have a few AWESOME Mamas ready to rock it out and get the best online community for Moms going!! I want to give a shout out to those Mamas for believing in my vision and this Mama movement as much as I do and jumping right in at the beginning!   

Don’t worry if you missed it, we will open the doors again in the not so distant future and if you’d like to know when and want to join in on our journey, please sign up on the waiting list to be the first to hear when we open again! We would absolutely LOVE to have you!! Click HERE to get on the waiting list!! 

Want to listen to the FULL podcast episode of “Get Rid Of The Suckers”?  Click HERE


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