The LJW Collective Community for Moms is OPEN!!!! AND… we just hit the 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY of The Living Joyful and Well Podcast!! 🥂 Woohoo!! Thank you for sharing in our journey and can’t wait to continue moving ahead together!

I don’t know about you, but as a Mom, having a place to go that is FUN, entertaining, serious (sometimes), silly, educational, emotional, messy, casual (no worry about matching or makeup), and everything in between, is what I long for… a place for group Happy Hours, time to blow off steam (toss a few F-Bombs- F Bomb Fridays maybe-LOL), in person gatherings/retreats when we are able, masterclasses, a book club, and massive support for Moms like no other place on the internet! THIS is from where the vision for The LJW Collective stems!

Our Community is private, safe, beautiful and full of Moms coming together in one place online to live, learn, grow, and ENJOY our journey through Motherhood. I firmly believe that we should not only survive Motherhood, but we should THRIVE in Motherhood. We only have one life with these littles so why not LIVE it instead of just “get through” it? 

This is our Founding Member launch so it’s not all put together and perfect- what is perfect anyhow- in my opinion, it doesn’t exist! I want your input and ideas as we put this all together so that it’s a place that you are SO excited to keep coming back for more, day after day, week after week, and year after year!   I believe we are better as a united front instead of trying to make it all on our own. We are a TEAM-  Team Mom. 

If this environment is where you feel you belong and would like a more intimate setting with me and other Moms as we navigate ‘Smiling Through The Chaos’, the doors are NOW OPEN to the all NEW LJW Collective!!! We are only open for enrollment for a short period of time, so don’t miss out! Enrollment open from May 19- May 27 only!!

Wanna hear more? Tune into The Living Joyful and Well Podcast Episode 40 HERE for all of the deets on this Founding Member Launch!

Click HERE to JOIN NOW  and get started! I cannot wait to see you on the inside! Thanks so much and always get out there and ENJOY THE DAY!! See you soon!

Questions? DM me on IG @livingjoyfulandwell or email me at 

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