Are you aware that your brain automatically attaches meanings to situations, actions, events? Did you know that you can switch the trajectory of life by changing the meanings we attach to things? The topic of the latest podcast episode is changing the meaning we attach to things.

We all attach meanings to things and events often times right away these meanings can be negative. Our brain defaults to the negative. Fortunately, we have the ability to flip those meanings and have them become more positive or upbeat. We’ve got to consciously shift the meaning from something bad to something good.

We have to become conscious of the meanings we put on situations, people, comments, etc. It’s not easy AT ALL! I struggle with it too. Our brain naturally goes to the negative most times- why are they doing that, why did that happen to me, what did I do wrong, what the hell is wrong with them, etc. If we can take that half second to stop and think, whoa, I’m going to choose a different and better meaning for this, our day to day will change for the better. If we attach a better meaning to this, our lives would drastically improve.

We can become a master of creating our own meanings instead of defaulting to the crummy meanings that our brain wants to initially give that are negative and bad.  We must consciously stop that in its tracks and redirect to something else that will be more helpful and serves us better. When you shift the meaning, it shifts the energy and can change the direction moving forward immediately.

How will you shift your meaning you attach to things?

What will you do to change the narrative? Give the full episode a listen – episode 33- HERE and then I’d love to know a situation you’ve been in that you believe you could shift your meaning for the next time. Leave a comment below or send me a DM on IG @livingjoyfulandwell.

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Enjoy the Day!!

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