Once upon a time…

We were taking our kids to school, running errands, going to work, doing all the Mom things. Then the world changed in the matter of a phone call. That was 365 days ago… the last day of “normal”. Here we are exactly one year later. We made it. We made it through 2 weeks to flatten the curve 365 days later. Tongue in cheek, I say that because who in the world would have believed a year ago that we would still be in this a year later? Not me for sure. Things still aren’t “normal” and I refuse to call this the “new normal”- nope. 

Reflecting back on the past year, it has been full of all kinds of emotions, behavior, attitudes, anger, hostility, censorship, me vs you, do this or do that, I’m right and you’re wrong… but there has also been love, hugs, smiles, and a closeness with my family and some friends that I will never forget. There was really upsetting stuff and there was really fabulous stuff. I’ll take it- I learned from it all.

Everyone was scared a year ago because nobody knew what was happening. This sickness was a mystery so everyone pretty much hid inside afraid to leave or see anyone. It was isolating and sad. It didn’t make sense to me. I called my parents and begged them to go home from Florida where they go every winter in their travel trailer. I was pissed at people that continued to get together with other people in large groups. From the inside I was confused, afraid, and frustrated. 

On the flip side, back then there were also some better things that came from the shut down- my daughter was having a terrible time in school so coming home for her was a blessing. No more bullies and mean girls, just us here at home. My son being a super sensitive kid was worried about his sis, so it was a blessing for him as well as the stress of that was no longer. It lessened the Momming stress on me because I no longer was worried about my kiddo getting into the car after school crying. 

365 days later I feel like I am living in an alternate world; one I don’t recognize. We know a lot more than we did a year ago, but not a whole lot has changed. The world is filled with anger and censorship and blocking of alternative thoughts. I believe that’s the bain of our society right now. When did it become a thing that only ONE way was the only way and any other thought is blocked when it comes to our health, how we earn our livelihood, our opportunities, our learning? Last I checked I live in the USA where we have rights and freedoms and a difference of opinion is a good thing. Why is there an attempt at taking this away? I don’t get it and quite frankly it pisses me off. One of the greatest things about living here, as well as a lot of other places, is that we are able to have free thought, freedom of speech, and a difference of opinion. These are all GOOD things!! 

I am not here to tell you what to do or to judge you for the actions or inactions you take. I am a supporter, a cheerleader, an empath, a listener, a learner. I am not a “one size fits all for everyone ever on earth” type of person. I love to learn and share information- all the information, so that you can listen, learn, and make your own informed decisions. I believe in taking care of ourselves, knowing what’s in our food and our household and personal care products, and medications, and in the air. Why is that deemed a bad thing and why is it presented that we ALL must do the same thing and believe the same thing or else we are considered “dangerous” or “unkind” or “complicit” or whatever other word I’ve seen thrown out there about people that are asking questions.  When did it become a bad thing to ask questions? Especially in an unfamiliar situation like we have had for the last 365 days!!! Questions mean growth. Questions mean answers. Questions allow for new ideas and thoughts. We know a lot more than we did a year ago about this virus as well as lots of other things. New ideas, thoughts, treatments, science comes out every day. This is GOOD! 

There are “experts”, yes, but they don’t even know what they are talking about sometimes and change their minds and their “science”, so WHY has it become a thing to tell people that they don’t believe “science” if they aren’t doing exactly what these “experts” are telling all of us to do! Why is one person’s “science” better than another person’s “science”? It is ever changing, right?! Science is fluid. Questioning does not mean you don’t believe whatever it is or that you are a conspiracy theorist, it just means you have questions and are seeking answers!!! 

Don’t we teach our children to ask questions? To not just go with the crowd because they tell you to? My kids question me ALL THE TIME. Yes, it can be annoying, but it’s necessary for growth and learning and forming their own opinions and I’m not going to shut them down because they are asking. When did we stop asking “why”? When did we stop asking “does this feel right”? When did we stop asking “what is the end game here”? 

What happened to personal responsibility? What happened to taking your health into your own hands instead of giving it to someone else? Again, I am not saying it’s wrong to listen to the experts, but listen to your gut as well. Read. All sides. For and against. Pros and cons. Listen to your kids. Look at what is going on in the world. Does it make sense? Does it align with how you live or what you believe? Are you giving away your personal power? 

These are just some questions to consider…

This may be considered controversial because I am asking questions. I have issues with a lot of what has happened in the past year. I have issues with banning anything that doesn’t exactly align with the current narrative. I am against censorship. I have issues with judgement and virtue signaling. I have issues with all of a sudden being told that I am someone who needs retraining on certain social aspects. I’ve always been kind and respectful- to everyone- whether they are to me or not. I’ve always given people the benefit of the doubt and forgiven people for doing me wrong. I am not perfect by any means, but I am also not someone who needs retraining because some people are awful people. Generalization never works out well. It polarizes people and that is what’s happening right now if you aren’t cool with all of this. Worry about you- not about what everyone else in the world is doing. I think that so much of what is going on is because it was forced upon us and now it’s become a “thing”. 

I am almost 50 years old, so I’ve been around for a while. I am not a scientist. I am not a doctor. I am not a nurse. I am not a psychologist. I am not a practitioner. I am not an activist. I’m not an “in your face this is how you should think” person. I am a MOM with big feelings and with my most important job being to protect my kids. I will do anything for them and I will not just do something because some random government official or doctor or person that is the loudest on TV or whatever tells me is the “right” thing to do. I will listen, I will learn, I will look at all sides (if I’m allowed to find the information) and then I will make my decisions. NOT because someone tells me to, but because I am an adult with free will and the ability to disseminate information and make an informed choice! That is what is lacking these days… informed consent and informed choice! Not to mention respect and opportunity for discussion and constructive debate when we aren’t in agreement. 

I am a good person, with a huge heart for other people. I am an optimist and believe that even if I don’t understand what is happening, it will allow for something better in the future. It will make people open up their minds to other opinions and maybe it will allow for people to see that humans are flawed but everyone being exactly the same doesn’t make sense. We are on this earth together. We have to ban together in order to move forward in a healthy way-not fight incessantly about everything, canceling people if you don’t agree with them, banning things if you don’t feel the same way.  We all need to be healthy in mind, body, and soul and there are varying opinions on how to get there. 

I know this is tough stuff. I have sat by and stewed and listened and read and thought and held it all inside with the exceptions of talking to a few friends and family members. It’s not easy to open up. There will be people who think I’m insane and I shouldn’t be speaking up this way. That’s their right… as I’ve said in the past, I’m not for everyone and neither are you. We have no control over other people’s thoughts, comments, and actions- that’s on each person individually! 

I am not trying to cause an argument. I am sharing my beliefs. They are mine and don’t have to be yours. My decisions are my decisions. Your decisions are your decisions. Telling people that they have to do this or that because you do or you think it’s the way it should be is just not right. I am saying all of this because I think it’s important. It’s important to have a voice. It’s important to speak up for what you believe and too many people are being silenced or are afraid to say what they think. 

People like me, who are questioning and not just going along with what we are told about everything, are slow to speak up. I don’t like being judged or having people upset with me, but I also can’t live in this bizarro world not in alignment with my beliefs and values. I cannot sit by and allow my children to think that they just have to do what the big person at the top tells us what to do. 

Being respectful is one thing that I strongly believe in, but sitting idly by and just doing what I am told even if it doesn’t align with my beliefs and values doesn’t sit well with me. I am not a controversial person. I don’t like confrontation. I get tripped up by people in my face, arguing. BUT I also don’t like the feelings I’ve had for the past 365 days seeing things canceled, dismissed, censored, and banned. What are officials or head honchos or everyday people so afraid of if people are able to listen to other opinions? If we need to be coerced to doing things or being a certain way, that’s scary. Think about that! Are you doing things because you truly believe in them or is it because you have been living in fear and are being coerced into doing these things, saying these things, posting these things? Just a little something to ponder. 

I guess my point with all of this is to encourage you, as a Mom, to think for yourself. To believe in yourself. To find your voice and be strong in your convictions. To stay optimistic. To stay present. To be YOU! No matter what, don’t falter on your beliefs or your values. You don’t have to go all looney tunes on people either. Stand your ground without being judgmental of another person’s position. It’s not easy, believe me, it’s taken me a year to stand up for myself and to put this out there. It’s changed relationships with people. It’s changed dynamics. All in all, I am choosing to believe it’s for a better future. 

It’s ok to speak up and to ask. It’s ok to have all of the information before you make decisions, especially decisions that can be life-altering. We can all be respectful, kind, good humans AND have differing opinions, thoughts, and actions.  Love each other- spread love not anger and frustration and whatever else because you don’t like what someone else is doing or saying. Be you- you are responsible for you and your actions. Switch the narrative from “this is the only way”, to “this is how I see it, but I’m open to hearing what you have to say as well and maybe we can come to some type of understanding”. 

I hope you found this helpful and it will allow you to feel a bit of comfort in your beliefs if they aren’t 100% aligned with the narrative. It’s ok if you don’t agree with me. I hope you read this with an open mind and can understand where I’m coming from; whether you agree or not. I’m not here to convince you. I’m just here to share and to inspire you to live your own life- not someone else’s because you are fearful. Stay away from the news. Sit in your own silence. Find what do you think- without outside influence! Fear sucks. Fear gets us nowhere. I will not live in fear and I will not have my kids living in fear. Stay Strong, Mamas! Stay optimistic. Keep smiling- even through the chaos!

This was written from the transcripts of my recent podcast episode. If you’d like to listen, click HERE and listen to Episode 31.

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