Do you ever see the saying “I Am Not For Everyone” on shirts and sweatshirts? I see it all the time and I am drawn to it. I think I finally figured out why so today I thought I would share my thoughts with you. 

I am optimistic, happy, talkative, loud laughing, open-minded, and non-confrontational and that makes some people uncomfortable. I realize that I am not everyone’s cup of tea and I’m guessing neither are you and that is OK! You are not for everyone. I am not for everyone and we all have to realize that and know that it’s alright not to be liked by everyone.

It can be difficult not to be a part of the crowd, have a bajillion followers, be invited everywhere, or have a ton of friends. What I’ve realized over time is that it’s ok. I am good with who I am and how I am and that won’t resonate with everyone. I laugh a LOT and I’m LOUD when I laugh, I am eternally optimistic, I cheer for my kids at their games so loud I’ve been told people can hear me in the next town (not really, but I am that loud), and I basically see the good in everyone. That doesn’t resonate with everyone and can turn people away. Some just like to stew in their own stuff and want to complain or play martyr, and that type and my type don’t mesh well. That is OK! Being true to you and being yourself without reservation isn’t easy and it’s taken me a LONG time to figure that out. I am grateful for the friends and the connections that I DO have and that’s what matters. You are who you are supposed to be and those that surround you are those that matter.

Nobody makes everyone happy and not everyone can find joy in spending time with each of us. That is alright; even when being left out of stuff is a little hurtful. There was a reason. There is always a reason. Stay true to you. I will stay true to me. You got this Mama! We are Mom Strong and we are resilient! 

If you would like to listen to the entire podcast episode where I dive a bit deeper, head here and give it a listen!

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