Today I want to talk a little bit about gardening. Not a garden you plant in your yard or in a plot in your town. I’m taking about the garden that is your mind- in other words, your mindset.

What you put into your mind is what will come out. If you fill your mind with negativity, then negativity will grow. On the other hand if you plant positivity and fill your mind with positive, optimistic thoughts, positivity will grow.

Like a garden, you cannot plant corn and expect to get tomatoes. Am I right?!

What can you do?

Get out of the negativity tail spin. Get off of the news, the social media, the people that are toxic in their thinking and move towards more uplifting and optimistic information and people.

I’m not saying to be uninformed, but is what you are focusing on really helping you to live your best life? For me, I have decided to take a practical approach and to trust my instincts and intuition with what I am reading or seeing and then trust that I am able to make the best decisions and choices for myself and my family. I choose to stay away from the negativity tail spin and the feeling that the world is going to end and nothing good is happening.

It may not be what you decide or what you believe, but that’s the great thing about life… we all have a choice and the only one we have control over is ourselves.

Give this week’s episode a listen here then come back and share with us. What will you choose to focus on today? What will you plant in your garden? Make sure to plant in your mind what you want to see grow! Enjoy the Day!!

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