Today let’s talk about Limiting Beliefs.

Those thoughts that are holding you back. Those made up beliefs and stories inside our heads that hold us back from making our dreams a reality. Those negative thoughts telling you that you can’t do something or be something.

What can we do about these thoughts and beliefs? Give them a big, swift, kick in the booty!! Jackie Chan those thoughts and get rid of them!!

Only YOU can change your thoughts which in turn will change your limiting, or craptastic beliefs into Empowering/Supportive or Baddass beliefs

You cannot change what you do not acknowledge! 

You have to shine a bright laser beam on those beliefs, grab them, smash them, and replace those thoughts with what you truly want to believe about yourself and your future!!

YOU can change the narrative in your mind and flip those limiting beliefs on their head…

The only way to change your limiting beliefs is through taking ACTION. Doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. Decide to make the change and do it!

Limiting beliefs are holding you back from what you truly want! These negative beliefs are not allowing you to fully BE who you want to BE and DO what you want to DO. Call them out by name- give them a name and stop them in their tracks. You are WRONG, Tammy!! Whatever name you want to give them is up to you, but do it and call them out.

Remember… the only way to change your limiting beliefs is to acknowledge them and to take the ACTION to CHANGE them! You are in control of CHANGING those beliefs into Empowering Beliefs! Flip the narrative. Write them down, acknowledge them, and write down your new beliefs! Put them in your face. You CAN do this!

Listen to episode 6 of the podcast here, then send me a DM at @livingjoyfulandwell or leave a comment below. Let’s bust through these limiting beliefs together! Let’s go for GREATNESS!! I can’t wait to hear from you!

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