Today I have a positive, optimistic, and FUN little project for you…

Create affirmations for yourself. Positive, joyful, impactful to YOU statements beginning with words like…


When you say something- especially out loud– your brain will start to believe what you say. Your brain doesn’t know the difference between “real life” and an affirmation or something you say to yourself.

Create 3 affirmations and post them somewhere visible to you- on your vision board, bulletin board, refrigerator, mirror-

Here are a few things to keep in mind when forming your affirmations:

  •  Needs to be true
  •  Needs to be empowering
  •  Needs to be present tense

When you describe your feelings about your affirmations you connect with them more deeply. Your affirmations will have more power if you experience them on both a thinking and a feeling level. 

Your affirmations can also affirm your CURRENT success as well. We rarely give ourselves credit for what we have already accomplished or what we are already proud of… turn those thoughts and attributes into affirmations. This will reinforce the positive feelings you already have about yourself- YES we all have something positive to say about OURSELVES to OURSELVES!! By doing this you will be more open to accepting the affirmations about WHO you would like to BECOME.

All in all, try not to get too caught up in the details. Take time to do it in your own way, relax, and have FUN. Go with what feels right to YOU. These affirmations are YOURS and not anyone else’s, so make them authentically YOURS. Let them BE YOU!

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What are your affirmations? I’d love to know! Share with me below!

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