I officially have a podcast! I am so excited to announce that after realizing everything doesn’t have to be “right” (done is better than right), it finally happened! I got out of my comfort zone, recorded a couple of episodes from the heart, and put it on the air and out into the world. If you’re a Mom and you could use a little bit of inspiration, optimism, joy, and fun with a sprinkle of real life, non judgmental Mama talk; then this podcast is for YOU!

I am so excited to inspire, share, learn, and grow with all of you. This is a no frills, record at my desk in my bedroom, learn the ropes as I go, and enjoy the process adventure! I have all sorts of ideas and topics, in no particular order, but I’m excited to share it all with you. My vision is to share bite-sized episodes filled with topics that are relevant to us as Moms, as individuals, and as a community. I look forward to interviewing guests that enhance my vision as well.

The official launch date is Tuesday, May 19 for Episode 1 of The Living Joyful and Well Podcast! The trailer is available NOW, so give it a listen (it’s a quick one). New episodes will release every Tuesday and anytime I have something to share. Grab your headphones and head to https://ljwpodcast.buzzsprout.com and give it a listen! Subscribe and leave me a comment. I can’t wait to hear what you think!

Would you like to be considered as a guest on the podcast? Send me a message at jenn@livingjoyfulandwell.com

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