Hello!!!! How is it going? Seeing as everyone’s lives are turned upside down right now, here’s a sneak peek into what my days look like during this crazy time I like to call “Coronacation”…

I wake up at 5:30am and immediately meditate, first using the Calm App and then the Ziva Technique. After about 45 minutes, I head to the basement to exercise before my kids come join me asking for food (my kids have never been so hungry). After complaining that they are going to “die if they don’t eat NOW”, I stop whatever it is that I might be doing and we head to the kitchen to make them breakfast and me coffee with collagen. 😋Once their bellies are sufficiently full, it’s on to distance learning…aka- we are NEVER going back to school so I am now the teacher. This has been quite the challenge with tears, yelling, and MANY attempts at procrastination. To say it’s been rough is an understatement. I went to school for Exercise Science, not Elementary Education and Common Core math is not my strong suit. If you want to go outside and kick a soccer ball or do a HIIT routine, I’m your gal! We will get through it, though!

Eventually, we make it outside, as long as the weather cooperates, to walk or bike before my kids beg for computer or Minecraft time;  which affords me the time to shower and change into my second set of “exercise” clothes for the day (I am all about the comfort). My “work” time comes in spurts throughout the day, when I attempt to focus on something other than my sweet offspring, which inevitably turns into me shutting down my computer until they go to bed because I have zero focus and I know it’s important to be present.

Yep, this looks VERY different from my normal everyday routine, but this too shall pass (maybe in September? 😳) and it has been really nice (mostly) having everyone home as a family! WE are fortunate to be healthy, my husband is still employed, and my kids enjoy spending time with me. So, what is your upside-down COVID-19 routine? I’d love to know in the comments below!

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