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Thriving in Your Mom Life!

Hey Mamas!!  Do you wish you could Enjoy the Day EVERY day? Do you fall into the “comparison with other Moms” trap? Are you ready to be JOYFUL, INSPIRED, and have more FUN in your life?

Today is YOUR day to join the awesomeness and be a part of the Living Joyful and Well Community. Through weekly podcast episodes, joining our online member community, The LJW Collective, inspirational goodies, subscription boxes filled with Mom-owned business’ products (coming soon), we will work together to not only survive, but most importantly, to THRIVE in our journey through Motherhood!

Get started below!! 

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The Living Joyful and Well Podcast

I’m a casual, optimistic Mama with a deep desire to impact other Moms in a positive way. I believe every day can be a good day and my goal is to make it happen through inspiration, habit changes, and mindset shifts; of course with a big dose of FUN! Join me each week for episodes filled with tips, tricks, and motivational goodness to help make your day amazing! New episodes released every Tuesday. Click HERE to listen!

A Whole Lot of Momspiration- (Inspiring Goodies for Moms)

I love to cheer for others, to wear clothing that “talks”, and I feel such a strong passion to support Mom-owned small businesses. Through inspirational apparel and goods (shop below), and the soon to be “Momspiration Box” my goal is to be a cheerleader for all Moms. Click the button below to SHOP the STORE!!

Do you want to be the first to know when the Momspiration Box launches? Join the waiting list by clicking HERE.


Waiting List for The LJW Collective Community for Moms

Are you looking for connection with other like-minded Mamas? My vision for The LJW Collective is to provide a space for Moms like you to THRIVE through Motherhood in a private, members only amazing  community. A place for like minded, fun, spiritual Moms to come together to share our thoughts, stories, laughs, and tears and move from surviving to thriving. It’s my mission to provide a safe place online to come together to learn, grow, and spend quality time now and into the future!  Our amazing Community is now closed but will open again SOON! Click HERE to get on the waiting list and be the first to know when we open enrollment again! 

Hey There!

I’m Jenn

I am a Certified Authentic Happiness Coach, Mindset Shifter, Eternal Optimist, and Life-Long Learner of ALL THE THINGS. I guide Moms like you how to live a joyful and healthy life every day- even when your day feels out of control- by teaching you the tools and techniques to change your habits and your mindset which ultimately leads to thriving through Motherhood. I have learned the benefits of being mindful and joyful in my healthy living journey and together we will create a life that supports your life and well-being as well.


"Jenn, I am loving listening to your podcast. Your titles, you words, your experience...all hit home with me." Thank you!

Amy A.

"Loving these short snippets of mindful wisdom and encouragement! Jenn provides useful insights, tips & tools to help you be your better self."

Cari P.


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